uEngine and Social BPMS - Process CODI

uEngine is an open source BPMS. It was registered in SourceForge.net in 2003, and becomes one of the successful open source BPM projects with matured architecture and references in diverse industries.


uEngine Social BPM is providing the OpenSocial, Facebook and other SNS platforms on it rather than the existing BPM which is supporting on formal process only.
Anyone with a registered user as a friend to make easily a virtual company with unstructured type of process execution. And it supports the environment that concludes a deal(Crowd sourcing) with unknown optimal providers.

 What's uEngine
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Why uEngine?

uEngine is superior with service-oriented flatform, use of collective intelligence, easy customization, and vendor dependency. We provide the most user-friendly services with various types of products, consulting, and warranty policies.


uEngine features   OpenSource Supporter


Flexible architecture

- Open source
- Supports both Server/Client and Library/Framework types
- Verified successful integration with many groupware, ERP, PDM

Powerful BPM functions

- Multiple process instances control
- Ad-hoc process support
- Event-driven flow control

Easy customization

- Process variables customized for database pointing
- Plug-in architecture for easy reinforcement of activity types and support in design time 
- Block-based process modeling

Reliability and performance

- Compensation handling for business transaction (100% recoverable)
- Durability of 30K+ instance executions per one day
- Supports MQ (JMS) based activity execution

Inter-organizational specifications

- Web service invocation / publishing
- Open publiching of process definitions as web services
- Process models conformative to BPML and BPEL4WS


- OLAP based multi-dimensional analysis for process instances
- Cube with process / activity / instance dimension
- Supports OLAP server and pivoting client
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